Are you planning a hike on the Hærvejen trail, or do you just need a night in nature? At Kibo Shelters, you have the opportunity for both.

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Nature Shelter

Semi-primitive accommodation in nature

At Kibo Shelters, your comfort and travel experience are our top priorities. We not only provide the necessary amenities to make your stay comfortable but also the resources that will guide you seamlessly on your exciting journey.


Experience the perfect balance between nature and technology at our shelter site. Enjoy our free Wi-Fi that keeps you connected while still surrounding yourself with the beautiful nature near Hærvejen.


We provide the comfort of modern conveniences in nature at our shelter site. We offer power facilities so you can charge your devices and enjoy your stay near Hærvejen without compromising your accessibility.

Toilets & Bathrooms

Enjoy the best of both worlds at our shelter site. With available toilet and shower facilities, you can relish nature near Hærvejen without missing out on essential conveniences.

Drinking Water

Convenience and modern amenities amidst nature at our shelter site. We offer access to fresh drinking water, so you can quench your thirst and enjoy your time near Hærvejen without having to worry about supplies.

Meet the shelters

Nature Shelter

The Hobbit

Number of people: 6

Welcome to our unique 'Hobbit' shelter, where the beauty of nature blends with modern comfort. The shelter is a true oasis for those seeking a refreshing break from the everyday hustle and bustle. With its cozy atmosphere and unique design, 'Hobbit' invites you to a memorable experience in the midst of scenic surroundings. Explore the adventure in the area and find peace in our 'Hobbit' shelter, where modern amenities and natural beauty come together to create the perfect retreat.

Nature Shelter

The Forrest Cave

Number of people: 4

Step into our enchanting 'Forest Cave' shelter, where the tranquility of nature and comfort come together. This unique retreat is surrounded by the mystique of the forest, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. 'Forest Cave' invites relaxation and adventure with its natural atmosphere and modern amenities. Explore the treasures of the area and return to a cozy haven where you can recharge and create lasting memories.

Nature Shelter

The Barrel

Number of people: 4

Welcome to our unique 'Barrel' shelter, where comfort meets charm in exceptional accommodation. This cozy barrel is surrounded by the beauty of nature and offers you a different kind of retreat. 'Barrel' strikes a perfect balance between modern conveniences and the rustic atmosphere, creating a warm and inviting place to stay. Experience a special overnight stay in the midst of nature, where 'Barrel' awaits to welcome you to an unforgettable experience..


Common Facilities

The Campfire Hut

Our charming campfire hut is the heart of our shelter site and invites togetherness and coziness in nature. With a central fireplace that exudes warmth and atmosphere, you have the opportunity to cook delicious meals over an open flame. The crackling sound of burning wood and the scent of smoke create an authentic ambiance that evokes memories of childhood campfires.

In addition to the impressive fireplace, the campfire hut also features ample tables and benches arranged around it. This provides you and your fellow travelers with a comfortable space to enjoy your culinary creations while creating unforgettable moments. Whether it's breakfast in the glow of sunrise or an evening meal under the starry sky, the campfire hut is the perfect gathering point.

Settle in, share stories, and build community in this inviting oasis amidst nature. Don't forget to bring your favorite barbecue food, as the campfire hut allows you to cook in a way that enhances both the flavor and camaraderie.

  • Fireplace - In the center of the campfire hut, you'll find a fireplace with the option to barbecue over the open flame.

  • Tables & Benches - All around the shelter, there is plenty of space for the whole family to sit at a table and bench set and enjoy dinner.

  • Power & Water - Right next to the campfire hut, you'll find a faucet with clean drinking water for free use. Inside the campfire hut, there are both running water and electricity..

Kibo shelters campfire hut


In order to keep the shelter site operational, we need to charge a fee that covers consumption as well as site maintenance.


The price is per person for a single night. So, if there are 5 people booking for a single night, it will cost 50 kr per person.

The price covers:

Free use of firewood

Free use of water

Free use of toilets and showers

Free use of WiFi

Payment on-site or via MobilePay